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  Solutions to Bonus Challenges
  The solution code is written exactly how the Hiker would walk it - starting at the first stump and finishing on the goal stump across the river. Stumps are each assigned a letter.

The Hiker’s actions are as follows:
• he walks from stump to stump;
• at every stump he can either pick up/put down a plank, or pass through the stump with/without a plank.

The solution code uses the following symbols:

– Starting stump

– Goal stump

– Walk along plank

– Pick up plank to North

– Pick up plank to East

– Pick up plank to South

– Pick up plank to West

– Put down plank to North

– Put down plank to East

– Put down plank to South

– Put down plank to West

– Compass indicates move directions

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