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Bonus Challenges
Bonus Beginner Solutions
  26R, 20D, 21U, 8D   16R, 9D, 22R, 10D  
Bonus Intermediate Solutions
  21L, 27U, 26R   27R, 22R, 35L, 20R, 26U, 7R  
Bonus Advanced Solutions
  17D, 34U, 35L, 20D, 21L   23D, 24L, 30U, 9R, 15U, 2D  
Bonus Expert Solutions
  1R, 14R, 17D, 30U, 13D, 20R, 8D   28L, 22D, 21R, 30U, 8R, 14R, 20U, 19R, 13D  
  3R, 10R, 16L, 8R, 27R, 21D, 20R, 32U   21D, 20U, 15R, 11L, 22D, 25U, 23L, 35U  
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